Translation as a key asset for success in a multinational marketing strategy

Making the case for company and brand content adaptation when reaching international audiences.

According to the American Marketing Association, localizing contents is key to a company internationalization strategy. Why? For very concrete reasons: it can make or break a company’s success abroad, distinguishing brands that communicate effectively with international markets from other brands that remain foreign and inaccessible; and it increases sales in the target markets, with clear ROI from translation and localization efforts, directly impacting their bottom line. Continue reading →


The language of luxury and the luxury of language

The following is an extract in English of my article written for Traduire, the magazine published twice a year by SFT, the French association of translators. The December 2016 issue was dedicated to luxury, fashion and translation.

No. 235 – Luxe, mode… et traduciton!
Published by SFT – Société française des traducteurs, December 2016

In this article I would like to share a few thoughts about the language of luxury, with some regard to the Italian language and from the point of view of a language professional like myself. Continue reading →

Langage du luxe, luxe du langage

Extrait de mon article publié dans la Revue Traduire en décembre 2016

No. 235 – Luxe, mode… et traduciton!
Publiée par la SFT – Société française des traducteurs en décembre 2016

L’objet de cet article est de partager quelques propos sur le langage du luxe, en me référant essentiellement à la langue italienne, et ce du point de vue d’une professionnelle des métiers linguistiques. Continue reading →