Le parole contano. E costano

Perché affidare una traduzione di marketing a chi se ne intende davvero.

Pensa a questa situazione: hai investito tempo e denaro nella profilazione del tuo pubblico target, creando poi una campagna ad hoc per promuovere quel prodotto o quell’altro servizio. Hai pianificato una campagna multipiattaforma e magari multiformato. E poi, per riprodurla in altri paesi cosa fai? Affidi l’adattamento al tuo impiegato bilingue, che magari non lavora nemmeno nel marketing, ma tanto la lingua un po’ la sa. Continue reading →

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3 ways to improve the quality of your website

The following tips are equally valid for the website of a freelancer, the website of a SME or that of a big international company.

Because quality is universal. And it matters in any circumstance, if you want to attract customers and win their trust. Instead of stepping into a physical store or into a meeting room, they step into your virtual “house”, but the rules don’t change that much: what matters most is first catching their eye with an interesting proposition, have them coming back again and again thanks to interesting, well curated contents and graphics, and gaining their trust by doing what you’re promising. Continue reading →

5 benefits of integrating translation in a company’s communication strategy

About international companies adopting marketing translation and transcreation to safely go global locally.

Lately I have been working on a greater than usual number of company profiles, presentations, taglines and promotional campaigns to be adapted and localized for the Italian market. The requests come from companies of diverse background and industry, from biopharma to fork lifts, from satellite communication to jewellery.

Hopefully this means international companies are starting to understand the importance of communication and the importance of communicating in the customer’s language. Continue reading →

Transform your communication with transcreation

In today’s age where mass marketing is something prehistoric and segmentation is getting more and more sophisticated, how can you think of appealing to your customers if you don’t speak their language or know their culture, if aren’t aware of the correct local use of register, idioms, humour and tone of voice or if you don’t perceive issues in context?

Transcreation helps companies reach out to local markets avoiding serious missteps, which can cost a lot in terms of reputation, engagement and revenue.

But what is transcreation? Continue reading →

La chiarezza come valore fondamentale

Una delle parole che più mi piace mettere in pratica è: chiarezza.

Nel campo professionale, e non solo, chiarezza significa mettersi sempre nei panni dell’interlocutore. Per esempio, se a un’agenzia che si occupa di servizi linguistici dico di essere specialista di transcreation, senza fornire ulteriori spiegazioni, posso fare lo stesso con un cliente diretto? Quali sono le possibilità che un direttore marketing di una compagnia alberghiera conosca il significato di questo termine? Quasi nulle. Continue reading →