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English/French/Spanish to Italian translator and editor specialized in MarCom and transcreation. Full member of the Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters (ANITI) and of the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists. I can put my many years of experience to the advantage of my clients by creating texts resonating with the Italian-speaking audience. Connect with me on Twitter @lauracattaneo_ or visit my website on

Rivoluzione digitale 3.0 e ospitalità: integrazioni, potenzialità, esempi

Recentemente ho lavorato alla traduzione italiana di un libro che indaga uno degli argomenti che più interessano e di cui mi occupo: le nuove tecnologie digitali e le trasformazioni che ne conseguono nell’immediato e nel futuro, con particolare applicazione al mondo dei brand e del marketing.

Mi sono chiesta allora se queste nuove tecnologie, dalla realtà virtuale a quella aumentata, passando per i chatbot, sono già entrate in un altro settore di mia stretta competenza, l’ospitalità, e se sì, in che modo. Continue reading →

Rivoluzione digitale 3.0: mini glossario inglese > italiano

Nuova rivoluzione digitale, rivoluzione digitale 3.0, nuove tecnologie digitali: parlare e scrivere di cose e concetti nuovi implica usare parole nuove. Continue reading →

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3 ways to improve the quality of your website

The following tips are equally valid for the website of a freelancer, the website of a SME or that of a big international company.

Because quality is universal. And it matters in any circumstance, if you want to attract customers and win their trust. Instead of stepping into a physical store or into a meeting room, they step into your virtual “house”, but the rules don’t change that much: what matters most is first catching their eye with an interesting proposition, have them coming back again and again thanks to interesting, well curated contents and graphics, and gaining their trust by doing what you’re promising. Continue reading →

Guest post – 5 skills of a good content writer

Guest post > Noelia Garasievich

“Look at this digital world so many of us spend our lives in – It’s made of words. The technology to produce digital content exists because we create words worth sharing.”  Sonia Simone, Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

According to my colleague Noelia Garasievich, an English/Swedish to Spanish translator and content writer specialized in digital marketing and transcreation, these are the 5 skills a good content should have: Continue reading →