Transform your communication with transcreation

In today’s age where mass marketing is something prehistoric and segmentation is getting more and more sophisticated, how can you think of appealing to your customers if you don’t speak their language, don’t know their culture, aren’t aware of the correct use of register, idioms, humour, tone of voice or don’t perceive issues in context?

Transcreation helps companies reach out to local markets avoiding serious missteps, which can cost a lot in terms of reputation and revenue.

Here’s an infographic shedding some light on what transcreation is and can do for business communication and brand reputation.


About the author
laura-cattaneoLaura Cattaneo is an English/French/Spanish to Italian translator and editor specialized in MarCom, transcreation, luxury, hospitality, legal. She is a full member of the Italian National Association of Translators & Interpreters (ANITI) and of the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists. She puts her many years of experience to the advantage of her clients by creating texts resonating with the Italian-speaking audience. Connect with her on Twitter @lauracattaneo_ or visit her website.